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The Ministry of Public Service conducted its first training for 2023

The Ministry of Public Service conducted its first training for 2023: Induction and Orientation for Public Servants.

We have trained 68 Public Servants from 38 Ministries and Agencies!


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Training Division launched its 2021 training programs

The Ministry of Public Service, Training Division today launched its 2021 training programs for Public Service Employees. Over the last few months, the Ministry has been working to redesign training programs offered to the Public Sector with a view to aligning same with the efficient delivery of service to the Public as well as equipping employees with the know how to effectively accomplish and achieve their Ministry’s or Agency’s goals.
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Ministry of Public Service

Mission Statement

To foster a professional public service instilled with and committed to the culture of excellence by driving change and innovation; facilitating continuous professional development; implementing administrative reforms; creating the conditions for conducive work environments and promoting  and maintaining ethics and accountability in the functioning of government agencies delivering services to the public.  


Training Division

The Training Division is mandated to plan, coordinate, and manage the training of public servants in order to build a culture of competence and create an impetus for excellence, and update the knowledge and skills of officers to meet the requirements of the changing environment in service delivery.

A Message From The Minister of Public Service

Hon. Minister Savitri Sonia Parag, in her address, said training and retraining is an essential aspect of every organisation, and one of the priorities of the public service is to support administrative reform and modernisation to maximise efficiency.

“This initiative to facilitate training virtually, to public servants concretises the Ministry’s commitment to developing Guyana’s public sector in ensuring a high standard of performance,” the Minister said.

“Coupled with that is the fact that as [a] developing country, we are looking to meet the needs of changing and emerging sectors,” she added.

Minister Parag reminded the participants that while it is the lecturer who has to deliver the lesson, the onus is on them to learn.

Hon. Minister Savitri Sonia Parag

Hon. Minister Savitri Sonia Parag

Minister of the Public Service

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